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  • 3 min read

    Keratosis Pilaris is more common than you think
    Keratosis Pilaris aka “chicken skin”, it may have funny nick names but if you have it, then it’s no laughing matter. Keratosis pilaris is the clinical name for those red, rough bumps on the skin which can show up on the arms, thighs, face and other part of the body. While it naturally goes away for most during puberty or early adulthood, for many it still sticks around and can flare up at random times.

    If you stumbled on this article and want to read about prescription medications or expensive laser treatments, then you have come to the wrong place. There is a plethora of articles online for those topics. I am going to focus on something much less expensive and for many the results are impressive.

    So what is the simple solution to help keep keratosis pilaris away?

    Using a gentle body scrub filled with skin softening oils and nutrients

    The proof is in the reviews. My customers who have keratosis pilaris rave about how their skin feels after using a jar of pureSCRUBS Dead Sea salt body scrubs. I have over 2,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon and below are real reviews from customers with KP.

    Most people do not think about it, but using a gentle body scrub can make a tremendous difference on the roughness that is associated with KP skin. I make handcrafted, organic body scrubs for a living and in addition to getting reviews like shown above, I also get wonderful emails on a regular basis from customers who have varying degrees of keratosis pilaris.  They talk about their personal journey with KP and how my body scrubs have helped them.  It is so rewarding to know that my scrubs are helping.

    The pureSCRUBS difference
    At pureSCRUBS, we make our scrubs with all natural and organic ingredients that does wonders for your skin. Our scrubs are very gentle and when you have KP this is so important. As the fine grains of Dead Sea salt exfoliate and removes old, dead skin cells, our blend of essential oils, butters, nutrients are right behind providing intense moisturization and hydration. Your KP will hate it BUT your skin will love it!

    Not only that, exfoliating the skin is something that you should be doing on a regular basis  for soft, healthy, and radiant looking skin so it is like your skin is getting a double benefit. And if you have keratosis pilaris then exfoliation plays a more important role in keeping your skin healthy and KP away.

    Consistency is a key factor
    By using pureSCRUBS body scrubs, there is a good chance you can reduce the appearance of your keratosis pilaris within a few weeks. But you have to be consistent and it should be added to your skin regimen. There are a lot of factors both internal (hormones, stress, biological makeup) and external (weather, seasons, etc.) that can dictate when KP flares up and most of this is out of your control. However, being consistent with the use of a body scrub is within your control and this consistency, over time, will keep your skin looking soft, healthy, and radiant and most importantly - keep KP away.

    What body scrub do you recommend for keratosis pilaris?
    I get asked this all the time and I definitely would recommend any of my Dead Sea salt scrubs and there are 14 natural aromas to choose from. The mineral rich scrub has many skin detoxifying properties and the salt is finely ground so its very gentle on your skin. You can buy my scrubs on Amazon by clicking here. If you plan on buying more than one scrub, then I’d suggest buying them on my website here because when you buy any two scrubs, shipping is FREE and I personally package them so they are less prone to leaks or damages.

    Remember, having keratosis pilaris is part of your genetic code, it’s part of your DNA. You can’t fully cure KP but simple steps like skin exfoliation using pureSCRUBS body scrubs to help manage it and more importantly keep from flaring it up.

    Click here to see pureSCRUBS Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Collection

    Click here to see pureSCRUBS Brown Sugar Body Scrub Collection

    Click here to see pureSCRUBS Arabica Coffee Body Scrub Collection

    Click here to see pureSCRUBS Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Collection

    Click here to see pureSCRUBS Exfoliation Accessories Collection


    Janna Robinson
    Janna Robinson

    Making luxurious all natural and organic body scrubs is my mission. Together with my team of passionate moms, we now handcraft hundreds of jars of body scrubs every week for women across the USA - spreading the benefits of soft, healthy and radiant skin one jar at a time.

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