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    I got my start over 5 years ago making premium, all natural and organic body scrubs to achieve soft, healthy and radiant looking skin - hence the name "pureSCRUBS".  Since then, I've been slowly adding products based on my personal experience and customer feedback.  These are carefully curated products that I personally use and think my customers will also enjoy. - Janna Robinson / pureSCRUBS Founder

    I love making premium, organic body scrubs. This is how I got my start and it's still true to my heart. I will always focus on making the best scrubs on the market and that's why my entire FAQ section further below is dedicated to my body scrubs.

    My customers loved the way my scrubs made their skin feel and asked if I could create oil blends that would give that same feeling. So I created a line of body oils using the same formula. Now, when you don't have time to use one of my scrubs, you can use the body oil to moisturize and soften your skin in minutes. For details instructions please read > pureSCRUBS Body Oils - Detailed Tips & FAQs

    This is a specially curated product that I'm in love with, its amazing. Every cell in your body needs magnesium and its a natural remedy for so many things. Me and my mom personally use this and its been life changing. For detailed instructions, please read > pureSCRUBS Magnesium Oil Spray = Detailed Tips & FAQs

    These mists smell amazing! I have a lavender mist and a eucalyptus mist. They are plant-based and made with essential oils and can be used as room, body and linen mist. For detailed instructions, please read > pureSCRUBS Aromatherapy Mists - Detailed Tips & FAQs


    That is the best part.  We use all natural ingredients and the aromas are natural as well. The aromas are derived from the blend of organic essential oils. There is an art to making scrubs. It takes the right balance of ingredients and essential oils to create the perfect texture that smells great and works wonders.

    Because fancy colors are artificial.  Fancy colors may look pretty and fun but its not good for your skin. We only use organic and natural ingredients so if there is any color, it is derived from the ingredients themselves.   We don’t put synthetic dyes, coloring or artificial fillers in any of our scrubs.

    Our namesake says it all, we are pureSCRUBS and we source all our ingredients from verified suppliers who are known for their quality and dedication to all natural and organic ingredients.  Click here to read the personal story of Janna Robinson, the founder of pureSCRUBS and learn why purity is a cornerstone of our business and reputation.


    We use plastic jars for all our scrubs and whenever possible, we source from manufacturers who use recycled materials.   This is mainly for safety reasons. We believe in value and giving our customers the most for their money. Our body scrubs weigh slightly over one pound and the last thing we want is glass breaking or chipping during the shipping and delivery process.  Our scrubs are also in solid white  jars which protects the essential oils and other ingredients from exposure to light.

    Not at all.  By the time you scoop it out, apply it on your skin and rinse it off, it literally melts away and will never cause any problems.   We have been selling our scrubs for years with no issues.

    All our body scrubs come in large 16 oz jars.   That is a lot of scrub!   We believe in creating a premium product but also believe in providing value.  Every woman should be able to indulge and experience the benefits of an all natural and organic body scrub.

    This just depends on how often you use it and how much you use.  A little goes a long way and the jar weighs about a pound so there is a lot of scrub for many, many uses.  And the more you use it, the more your skin will look and feel amazing!

    We create a unique blend number for every type of scrub we make.  We hand blend each scrub in small batches and these blend numbers correspond to our scrub recipes that helps our team members blend every batch with accuracy and consistency.

    We do have a few accessories and moisturizing oils that complement our scrubs.  These accessories all have to do with exfoliation and keeping your skin healthy and radiant.  However, like our name says, our main focus is body scrubs and this allows us to put all our attention on making the best possible scrubs on the market.

    Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.  Our scrubs can easily last about 12 months after opening.  The essential oils have anti-bacterial properties and helps to preserve the other ingredients.    Just please make sure to close it tightly and avoid getting water inside. Most customers love it so much that usually it's all used up within a few months.

    There shouldn’t be any problem as all our scrubs are made with natural ingredients.  However, children’s skin can be more sensitive so we recommend doing a small patch test first to make sure all is fine.  Just take a very small amount and apply it do a small area of skin and wait 24 hours. Many of our customers with sensitive skin do this as well just to make sure their skin has no reactions.

    We do purposely overfill our jars with extra skin smoothing oils and as you rinse, this can make it slightly slippery so please be careful.  However, during the rinsing process, most of any left over oils and exfoliator are washed down the drain and you are left with a wonderful aroma on your skin and in your bathroom.

    Yes.  In fact, that is one of the reasons we created an unscented scrub.   Our customers love the texture and ratio of oils, exfoliators and other ingredients but want to create their own scents by adding their own mixture of essential oils.  We have many countless customers who do this and make their own scrubs for their friends and family. Also, since our scrub comes in large 16 oz jars, there is plenty of scrub to go around.


    Stir contents well using the included spoon or your fingers. Massage over wet skin in circular motion, rinse and towel dry. It's that easy!

    Our brown sugar body scrubs are perfectly fine to use on the facial skin.

    Our salt based body scrubs are fine grain and designed to be gentle on the skin. However, the skin on the face is more sensitive and delicate. So we don’t recommend using the salts scrubs on the face.  Some customers still use it on their face with no problems and love it. Again, we don’t recommend it, but If you are going to use it on the face, please be careful and do a small skin patch test first to make sure all is fine.

    Not at all.   Most customers preferred method is just using their bare hands.   It's a luxurious feeling and the best part is your hands get the scrubbing and exfoliation treatment at the same time.  We do include a natural, eco-friendly loofah pad in every jar of body scrub as a bonus but it is not required to use with any of our scrubs.   We provide this loofah pad to help our customers exfoliate on those days where they don’t have the time to use our body scrub. Click here to learn more about this included loofah pad.

    For best results, apply it on wet skin. We recommend rinsing your skin first with warm to hot water.  This opens the pores and prepares the skin for exfoliation.  Using your hand in a circular motion just work in the scrub onto wet skin and you can feel the exfoliator gently buffing away dead skin.

    It’s better to wait 24 hours after shaving to use our scrub.   After shaving, the skin is much more sensitive and applying a scrub can irritate the skin.  Also, when using a salt based scrub, it can easily sting and burn if there are any small cuts that result from shaving.  For that same reason, if you have any open cuts, wounds, bruises, please wait until all is healed before using our body scrubs.

    Most customers use this two to three times a week.   Some use it daily, some every other day, some once a week.  It just really depends on the person, their skin and how much time they have in the shower. There is no harm to using it daily unless you have ultra sensitive skin because we use only fine grain exfoliators and nutrient rich skin smoothing oils so the scrubbing experience is very gently on your skin.


    Every jar of body scrub includes a eco-friendly wooden stirring spoon, a round loofah exfoliating pad and a 1oz bar of our exfoliating oatmeal organic soap.  Three three items are valued at $10 but included at no charge to our customers.  Click here to see these accessories.

    From the start, it was important for us to provide more value and benefits to our customers.  People use our scrubs to get smooth, healthy, radiant skin and these accessories are a little extra tools to help in that process.  The wooden stirring spoon is used to mix the scrub before each use. The exfoliating loofah pad is a disposable and great to use in the shower to buff away dry, dead skin cells.   The exfoliating bar of soap is formulated to ground oats, honey and shea butter.  It's unscented so its great for all skin types and provides an intense lather.

    Not at all.  Most people do use the wooden spoon to stir the scrub prior to use as the oils float to the top and you want to mix it well.  The round loofah pad is great to use on those days when you don’t have time to use the scrub. The loofah expands when wet and there is a built in handle to make it easy to exfoliate.   The exfoliating oatmeal soap is probably the favorite bonus item, it's filled with organic ingredients, unscented and great for all skin types.  Some people use this soap prior to using the scrub but it's not required.


    Besides the exfoliator being different (salt, sugar, coffee) the other difference between them is the aroma.   They all have the same "4 In 1 Formula" of skin softening oils and nutrients.

    The Dead Sea salt scrubs  and Himalayan salt scrubs are both salt based scrubs with the same finely ground texture, just one is naturally pink from the Himalayan region while the Dead Sea salt is from the Israel/Jordan area. 

    The organic brown sugar scrubs are ideal for those who like using sugar as an exfoliator instead of salt.  These brown sugar scrubs are also safe to use on the facial skin.  The facial skin is more sensitive and delicate so salt based scrubs can sting if there are any open cuts/wounds. 

    Finally, the coffee scrubs comes in 4 different aroma and is a blend of caffeine rich arabica coffee grinds and Dead Sea salt.   These caffeine & antioxidant rich coffee scrubs helps tighten the skin and over time, helps reduce appearance of cellulite, dimpled skin and stretch marks.

    Not the least bit.   In fact, it is the exact opposite because we go the extra step and grind the exfoliators (sugar, salt, coffee) even further and then run it through a filter to ensure an even, fine grain texture.  This provides an amazingly gentle yet highly effective exfoliation that our customers fall in love with!

    With regular use, many customers have noticed a difference resulting in smoother and firmer skin.

    Dimpled skin happens to all of us and cellulite’s #1 enemy is caffeine.   It’s true - just Google "coffee scrubs and cellulliteand read the many 3rd party articles/research.  But make sure to come back to our site because we make the best coffee scrubs from scratch in 4 different aromas and offer the best value.

    Our line of coffee scrubs is rich in caffeine and loaded with antioxidants.  The caffeine in coffee helps dilate blood vessels and reduces the appearance of skin dimples and the antioxidants help fight the appearance of premature skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

    We understand that some folks love the aroma of coffee while others don’t.  For that reason, we created our coffee scrubs in vanilla, peppermint and coconut scents.   The coffee aroma is still dominant, but a hint of the added scent comes through nicely.  Also, most customers who are not fond of the coffee aroma just incorporate the coffee scrub once a week into their skin care routine and use one of our salt or brown sugar scrubs on the other days.

    Yes, no worries here because we use the same "4 In 1 Formula" when creating the coffee scrubs.  The coffee grinds are finely ground and blended with mineral rich Dead Sea salt along with a mix of essential oils, nutrients and butters.  It works great and leaves your skin feeling soft, healthy and radiant.


    If you order by noon Monday thru Friday, then we can usually ship it out the same day.  Otherwise, we will promptly ship out your order the next business day.

    We ship all all orders via USPS Priority mail and it usually takes about 2 to 4 days.   When we ship out your order, we will send you a confirmation email along with a tracking code.

    Also, keep in mind we are at the mercy of the USPS and shipments can get delayed due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

    Yes, if your order total is $29 or above.  Then the same USPS Priority mail shipping is FREE! 

    Currently we don’t ship outside of the USA, but keep checking because that may change in the future. 

    Simple, if its within 30 days and you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, just contact us and we will issue you a full refund.   We want you to happy with our products and service so even if you decide to return the product, we want you to keep the three accessories as our gift which include the wooden bamboo spoon, exfoliating loofah pad, and organic moisturizing cream.  Click here to learn more about our guarantee.