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    What is magnesium oil and why use it?

    Our magnesium oil comes in 4oz bottles and also a large 16oz value refill.

    What exactly is magnesium oil? Magnesium oil isn't actually an oil, but it feels slippery like one. That's how it got its name, but it's really a solution of water and magnesium chloride.   It can be man-made in a lab or harvested naturally.   pureSCRUBS magnesium oil is 100% naturally harvested from 1,500+ feet below the Earth’s surface.  Our magnesium oil is undiluted, odorless, and non-greasy.

    Why your body needs magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by the human body.  Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions that contribute to healthy metabolic and immune functioning.  Every cell in the body needs magnesium. Unfortunately, many people have a magnesium deficiency and don't even realize it.   To boost magnesium levels, many people take oral supplements and/or eat foods rich in magnesium. However, magnesium can easily be absorbed through the skin. That’s the beauty of transdermal magnesium oil.   

    The health benefits of applying magnesium oil The benefits of magnesium are numerous!  Magnesium works to regulate muscle contractions and neuromuscular signals in the body. Benefits include helping to ease stress, improving sleep, boosting energy levels, calming restless legs, soothing muscle cramps and so much more.  The research is all out there at your fingertips.   If you Google “magnesium oil benefits” you will see dozens of research articles.  Narrow your search for your issues like “magnesium oil and sleep” or “magnesium oil to relieve sore muscles” and you’ll soon learn why magnesium oil is such a wonderful, safe, and natural product suitable for so many people.

    What’s special about pureSCRUBS magnesium oil?

    It’s all about purity Our magnesium oil comes from a special place, deep below the earth’s surface.  It’s the purest form of naturally occurring magnesium chloride brine from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands.   The Zechstein salt beds are a perfectly preserved snapshot of pure magnesium chloride formed over 250 million years ago.  Since the seabed lies some 1,500 to 2,000 meters beneath the earth’s surface, it’s extremely pure, pristine and not contaminated with surface pollutants.  It’s not man-made and there is absolutely nothing artificial or synthetic about it or in it. 

    My personal experience. As much as I love running my own business, it has its own set of challenges.  Like many people out there, I also struggle with stress and anxiety which has led to so many sleepless nights.  I never gave it much thought and just assumed it’s a part of life.  That’s when my doctor suggested spraying on magnesium oil before bedtime to ease the anxiety.  OMG! All I can say is that it was a gamechanger for me.  That very first night I had the best sleep I can ever remember. 

    Now comes my mom’s story.   She’s in her 70s and suffers from leg cramps, especially at night.  After my wonderful experience, I massaged this onto my mom’s legs daily and within a few days she noticed a big difference.  It wasn’t 100% gone, but what a tremendous difference it did make for her and her quality of life.

    For both me and my mom, replenishing our magnesium levels using topical magnesium oil is now part of our daily health regimen.   The best part is that its natural, easy, safe, and effective.   It’s definitely worth a try and I hope you benefit from this wonderful oil as much as me and my mom.  – Janna Robinson / pureSCRUBS Founder

    Magnesium Oil Application Instructions

    NOTE: Approximately 5 sprays equal 103 mg of pure magnesium

    Perform Patch Test First While magnesium is natural and found in the human body. It’s always a good idea to apply a couple of sprays on a small patch of skin to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions.  Some tingling and stinging are common as its salt based, but these side effects are mild and short-lived. 

     How to use for best results

    • The general recommendation is to spray between 5 and 10 sprays on the skin and massage gently to stimulate absorption. Common application areas include the shoulders, neck, back, chest, belly, arms, legs, calves, and even the bottom of the feet to help with sleep.
    • A slight sting and/or itchiness is common and should subside with consistent use.
    • Use as often as needed. Most customers apply this daily.   Think of it like taking a daily vitamin, in this case the vitamin is the mineral magnesium that is used in every cell of your body. 
    • Let air dry for best results. If you need to rinse, wait at least 5-10 minutes so that the magnesium oil has enough time to absorb into the skin.
    • For those with sensitive skin, we recommend diluting with an equal part of water – basically 50% magnesium oil mixed with 50% water. The amount of magnesium will be 50% lower due to the dilution, however, you can apply it more often and spread it out during the day so that you still get the same amount of magnesium.
    • Please make sure to wash hand after each application. Some people forget this and then mistakenly rub their eyes or touch other sensitive areas.

    PRO-TIP:  Apply after a shower or bath for best results  

    While you can apply this at any time, it’s far more effective to apply this after a shower or bath while your skin is still warm, clean and the pores are more open which helps to boost absorption.  These conditions allow the oil to absorb more effectively.

    Magnesium Oil FAQs (frequently asked questions)

    • How many milligrams of magnesium per spray? 1 ml of saturated Zechstein magnesium chloride contains 103 mg pure magnesium and approximately 5 sprays = 1 ml or 103 mg of pure magnesium.  So, each spray action its roughly 20.6 mg of pure magnesium.   Keep in mind this is an approximation because every spray is slightly different based on how much pressure is applied when using the spray pump. 
    • How much should I use? The general recommendation is about 5 to 10 sprays daily. There is no specific dosage when it comes to applying magnesium oil.  Many customers spray it on daily for no other reason than just to stay in balance.  It really just depends on the person and their needs.
    • How often can I use this? This also varies from person to person.   Many customers use it daily as part of their health care regimen to combat magnesium deficiency and stay in balance.  Some use it every other day.  Some customers use it only when they need it for things like sore muscles, leg cramps, before bedtime to help sleep better, etc.  Many customers also spread it out and use 5 sprays in the morning and 5 at night.   Again, it just depends on your needs.
    • How many sprays/applications from a 4oz bottle?   It depends on how often you use it.  The general recommendation is 5 to 10 sprays daily.  Our 4oz bottle contains 118ml which is about 600 sprays.  So, one 4oz bottle can easily last between two and four months based on recommended usage.
    • Who buys the 16oz magnesium oil refill bottle? People who buy the 16oz refill bottles are usually customers who first buy the 4oz bottle.  Once they feel the benefits, then without a doubt, they usually purchase the larger 16oz refill next because of the savings.  The 16oz size is also better for the environment because it’s the equivalent of four 4oz bottles so less plastic and waste.
    • Why does magnesium oil sting and tingle my skin? The salt content causes the sting.  Keep in mind this is pure, undiluted Zechstein sea water with a high magnesium content.  Sometimes it can feel like it’s burning, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Also, it may sting the first few times you apply it as your body may not be used to topical magnesium oil.  Finally, the sting could also mean that you are lacking in magnesium.   But this sting will subside with regular use as your body adapts, adjusts, and builds tolerance.
    • How can I lessen the sting of magnesium oil? Usually this naturally goes away with continued use.  But if you want to try and ease the sting, then try spreading out applications throughout the day so it’s not all applied at once.  Another option is to dilute it with water (read my other FAQ below > “Can and should I dilute magnesium oil”).  This will help with the sting and also help you build tolerance over time.  The stinging and itching is normal, especially for first time users.  However, if this doesn’t go away with continued use and/or turns into redness, rash, or breakouts, then discontinue use and consult with your doctor.
    • What if I don’t feel any sting? Then you are one of the lucky ones!  It could be you are spraying it on a part of your body that is not that sensitive, or your skin in general is not as sensitive as others.   But don’t worry if you don’t feel any sting, feel confident knowing it’s pure magnesium oil and its absorbing and helping. 
    • Can I and should I dilute magnesium oil? Yes, you can dilute it with water as needed.  If you have sensitive skin or feel that it stings too much, then try diluting with equal parts water.  – basically 50% magnesium oil mixed with 50% water.  Note, the amount of magnesium will be 50% lower due to the dilution, but simply just apply it more often and spread it out during the day so that you still get the same amount of magnesium.  Many customers do this as a way to slowly build up tolerance and over time.  As you build up your tolerance, you can decide if you want to slowly decrease the amount of water in the dilution mix.  We recommend using distilled or purified water for dilution.
    • What is the expiration date or shelf life of magnesium oil? We have a 24-month expiration symbol on the bottle which indicates a 2-year shelf life from date of purchase.   Part of this is a requirement because some countries require an expiration symbol, but in reality, this won’t expire during our lifetime. Remember, this is mined from the Zechstein Seabed, which was formed millions of years ago, it’s safe to say that this will won’t go bad anytime soon.   
    • What happens if the spray pump gets clogged? This can happen from time to time.  The magnesium oil is slightly thicker than water and salt residue can dry inside the sprayer causing it to clog or not spray effectively.  The easiest way to fix this is run the sprayer head under hot water for a few minutes to clear the clog. If that still doesn’t work, please email me at janna@purescrubs.com and I’ll send you a new sprayer top. Also, you can always buy any empty spray bottle and transfer the contents as well.
    • What’s the difference between magnesium oil and oral magnesium pills?Magnesium oil is applied topically on the skin and magnesium pills are taking orally and processed via the digestive system.  For many people, topical magnesium oil is a far superior form of delivery since its rapidly absorbed via the skin and gets into your bloodstream faster, thus providing relief faster as well.
    • Can I add a carrier oil to magnesium oil? Yes.  My customers experiment with this all the time.  I suggest pouring 1 or 2 ounces of the magnesium oil into a smaller bottle first.   Then add in some of your favorite essential oil like lavender which has a relaxing/soothing effect.  Make sure to shake well before using each time.  Adding a few drops shouldn’t affect the efficacy of the magnesium oil and may just make the application experience that much more enjoyable.
    • Can magnesium oil stain fabrics? Magnesium oil is odorless and clear.  But sometimes it can mix with the natural oils on the skin and then slightly change color which can then stain fabrics.   So, make sure to keep away it away from clothing until the skin is fully dry.
    • Can magnesium oil cause dry skin? Some people experience a dry skin effect after applying magnesium oil.  This is because it is a natural salt-based solution.  If you experience this dry skin effect, then it’s perfectly fine to apply your favorite lotion or moisturizer after letting the magnesium oil absorb into the skin.
    • Can it leave a white chalky residue on the skin?  What is that? Yes, once the magnesium oil has absorbed into the skin, it may leave a small trace of white residue which is just salt. This is normal and you can just rinse or brush it off. 
    • Is it okay to use magnesium oil on children? Yes, it’s safe but start cautiously.  Children generally have more delicate and sensitive skin, so they are more prone to easily get skin irritations and rashes.  I apply it on my own children from time to time and I dilute it with 50% water.  This way I know they are getting a little magnesium boost from time to time and don’t have to worry about any sting or itch on their tender skin.  This method also helps to build up tolerance.
    • Can I overdose by applying too much magnesium oil? Too much of anything is not a good idea.  But with magnesium oil, you don’t have to worry because your body will excrete any excess.  So, overdosing by applying too much magnesium oil is not really possible.  Think about it, this is magnesium chloride which is naturally abundant in sea water.  When was the last time you were warned about staying in the water too long because you might be absorbing too much magnesium?
    • What are the side effects with applying too much magnesium oil? Too much magnesium oil can lead some to experience a laxative effect, meaning loose stools & diarrhea.  But this is more common with oral magnesium supplements as its passing directly through the digestive tract.   
    • Can I use magnesium oil on my facial skin?I personally don’t recommend applying magnesium oil on the face. The skin on the face is generally more much delicate and sensitive.  And if you have any broken skin, cuts, or acne then it can definitely sting and cause redness.  You also don’t want magnesium oil getting in your eyes, and avoiding the facial skin helps to prevent that as well. 
    • Can I use this in a soaking tub or for a foot soak? I don’t recommend using it in a soaking tub/bath because the volume of water in the tub will dilute it so much to the point where it won’t be effective.  Using it in a foot soak is more common since it’s a concentrated amount of water in a bowl and focused just on the feet.  For a foot soak, unscrew the sprayer head, measure out about 2oz and pour that into the foot bath.  
    • Can I apply a moisturizer afterwards? Yes, feel free to use your favorite lotion, body butter or any moisturizer.  Make sure the magnesium oil has absorbed first before any application.
    • What are the main benefits of magnesium oil? The main benefits are to reduce body aches and pains, stress, tension, and anxiety.  It’s great for restless legs, muscle cramps, achy knees and joints.  There are so many more benefits and if you are curious just Google “the benefits of magnesium oil
    • Can magnesium oil be used as a deodorant? Now this is more of a personal opinion.  I don’t use it as a deodorant because my under-arms are ultra-sensitive.  I think the skin of the under-arms is highly sensitive for many people and spraying magnesium oil can cause skin irritation.  BUT, with this being said, there are many customers who use it as deodorant with great results and they love it because its natural and not the usual chemical filled store brand deodorants.  Just be careful and if you want to try it, just try it on a small area first to see how you react.
    • Can magnesium oil help with sleep / insomnia? Yes, magnesium oil has been known to improve the quality of your sleep.  Magnesium oil acts as a vasodilator that helps to relax the muscle cells which is why it helps so many people with sore muscles, leg cramps, etc. and that same effect muscle relaxing effect helps with sleep. For the purpose of helping with sleep, most people spray 3-5 times about an hour before bedtime and usually on the legs and bottom of the feet.  Some people put on socks afterwards so that it doesn’t rub off onto the sheets.
    • Can magnesium oil be used as a mouthwash? I don’t personally use it as mouthwash but upon further research, I found out many people do use it for that purpose as mentioned below by dermatologist Dr. Engleman.

    Dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman explains that magnesium oil can be sprayed orally to reduce plaque buildup and promote healthy gums, and Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, noted in his book that using a magnesium gargle could strengthen oral and dental environments to such an extent that it reduces the risk of mouth cancer.

    Just make sure to not swallow after swishing because it can cause intestinal discomfort.  And as usual, if you are going to try it, please be careful and start with a very small amount.  Keep in mind, this is a salt-based solution so if you have sensitive gums, it can sting!

    • Can I use magnesium oil on my hair/scalp? Many customers spray this on their hair to nourish the roots and unblock follicles.  However, I personally don’t recommend it because the skin on the scalp can be more sensitive.  Therefore, the magnesium oil can sting and cause irritation and it’s not fun to be itching your scalp all day.    If you want to try it, then try applying it on a small area of the scalp first to see how you react.
    • Can I make this using Epsom salt?  Epsom salts are made from a different type of magnesium known as magnesium sulfate not magnesium chloride.  Magnesium sulfate is excreted thru the kidneys rapidly and thus not as effective as pure Zechstein magnesium chloride oil.
    • Should I apply before or after the shower/bath? Now this is more of a personal preference.  Some people like applying it right after the shower when the skin is clean and warm.  Others prefer applying the magnesium oil before the shower so that when they shower, it will rinse off completely. 
    • Can I apply it without taking a bath or shower? Yes, you can apply this oil any time of the day.  It’s more effective and absorbs better after a shower/bath when the skin is clean, warm and the pores are more open for maximum absorption.
    • How long does it take for magnesium oil to work? This is a tough one because everyone is different.  Some people dealing with sore muscles and cramps may feel relief faster while for others it can take longer. It depends on so many factors like age, current magnesium levels in the body, the issue you are using it for, etc.  In general, magnesium tends to work really quickly at making you feel better.  Most people should usually know within a week or two of consistent application, if not sooner. 
    • What if I don’t notice any difference? This is a common question.  You may be using magnesium oil as indicated for weeks and not experience any notable differences.  Don’t worry because the fact is magnesium plays a critical role in your overall health and every cell in your body needs magnesium.  So even though you may not sense any difference, you should feel at ease knowing that your body is getting this vital mineral.  By applying magnesium oil consistently, you are doing your body a service by pro-actively avoiding magnesium deficiency which can lead to many unwanted health issues.
    • Can I rinse or wipe off the magnesium oil and how long should I wait? The important thing is to make sure the magnesium oil has a chance to absorb well before rinsing or wiping off any excess.  So, if you plan on rinsing/wiping, make sure to wait at least 5-10 minutes so it has enough time to absorb well.   

    Safety precautions when using magnesium oil

    I want your experience with to be a wonderful and beneficial.  At the same time, safety is always important.  Using magnesium oil sounds simple and it really is harmless.  However, it’s good to be aware of the following to ensure you have the best experience possible.

    • As mentioned on the label – This is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.  Do not apply on freshly shaved skin, cuts and sensitive areas.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Test on a small patch of skin prior to first use.  If skin irritation occurs, stop use.
    • When pregnant or nursing – Pregnant ladies and moms that are nursing have used magnesium oil without any issues. However, when you are pregnant, everything is more sensitive.  I always recommend consulting with your doctor first just to be on the safe side and have peace of mind.  Also, try a patch test on a small area of skin first and see how it goes.
    • High blood pressure – If you have high blood pressure or on medications for these health issues, please consult with your doctor first before using.  
    • Heart issues – If you are suffering from heart issues or taking medication for heart issues, please consult with your doctor first before using.
    • Kidney issues - Please avoid topical magnesium oil if you are suffering from kidney failure, on dialysis or have other kidney disorders. The kidneys clear excess magnesium from the body and people with kidney issues are likely to absorb too much magnesium leading to an excess build-up.
    • Highly sensitive skin – If you have super sensitive skin, then just be extra careful. I highly recommend performing a small skin patch test first. For most people the initial sting or burning sensation subsides with regular use.  But if you have very sensitive skin and notice any redness, rash, or skin irritation that’s persistent, then please stop using the magnesium oil.
    • Always wash hands after use - Sounds simple, but it's easy to forget.  Make sure to wash your hands after every use.  Some people forget and then naturally touch their face, eyes, etc. and it can sting.

    Our magnesium oil is available in 4oz bottles and also a large 16oz value refill.

    I truly hope my tips help you get the most benefit from this ultra-pure magnesium oil.  Whatever your reason for using it, I hope it helps you as much as it did for me, my mom, and the countless others who use magnesium oil every single day.   

    Janna Robinson
    Janna Robinson

    Making luxurious all natural and organic body scrubs is my mission. Together with my team of passionate moms, we now handcraft hundreds of jars of body scrubs every week for women across the USA - spreading the benefits of soft, healthy and radiant skin one jar at a time.

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