I’m Janna :)

Welcome to my site and I hope you try one of my amazing, all natural scrubs.

I love using body scrubs and how they help my skin look and feel. I’ve always had sensitive skin and my personal journey started when I tried what "claimed to be" an all natural body scrub that I purchased at an upscale boutique. It was expensive, meant for delicate skin and smelled good, and I felt safe because it was sold at a well known boutique.

So what could go wrong? Well, to make a long story short, it ended up being a disaster. It started off with itching that turned into a rash and ultimately a skin infection where I had to get treated by a dermatologist. My derm took a close look at the ingredients (in tiny fine print) with a magnifying glass and needless to say, it had some toxic ingredients.

That was the inspiration for me to create my own line of scrubs that are truly all natural and organic. It started with me making body scrubs for myself and a few family members and it started to slowly grow from there into more requests for various types of scrubs and scents.

I wanted to keep it simple and just focus on making the best scrubs made with the purest ingredients. So I came up with the name “pureSCRUBS” and now have 5 other wonderful moms working with me making fresh scrubs daily for customers all across the country.  Take a look at our testimonial gallery.

We are proud, made in the USA small business employing women and making scrubs that women love to use. Thank you for reading about my journey and how pureSCRUBS got its start.

Janna Robinson
Founder, pureSCRUBS